Should I Have Apprehensions Regarding Debt Consolidation?

Debt Consolidation Whether you read articles in newspapers, magazines or on the internet, I am sure you have read negative and positive comments regarding debt consolidation. Some will say that debt consolidation is a miracle while someone else will say its a disaster! I can understand why you might be a little apprehensive toward these companies. Should you believe the positive comments or should you believe the negative ones?

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The truth is somewhere in the middle of the pros and cons are the most accurate. What many of these sites do not tell you is that debt relief options might not be for everyone. Someone with a negative comment might not be giving you the full story on why this process did not work for them.

About My Site:

I am not here to try and sell you on debt consolidation, that is your choice and no one else. I have 22 companies that I have extensively reviewed and researched. I will not review a company unless they can pass my tough screening process. Unless I personally would use one of these companies, I will not recommend them.

I am here to help you find a debt solution that matches your particular problem and make it an easier process for you. The companies I am recommending and reviewing must win your trust. I do want you to understand that I am paid for my reviews, allowing viewers, like yourself, to have access to the information, free of charge.

I am paid in different ways from up front to other incentives, however, I do not take companies that I do not believe add up to my expectations. I receive thousands of emails daily from debt consolidation companies, but only a few select ones get reviewed by me. My reputation is on the line and I need the trust of my readers that I am honest.

How I Review & Choose Debt Consolidation Companies:

My vetting process for companies is rigid. I look closely at specific parameters including accreditation, their history and the level of experience from their employees. Your trust in me is extremely important but more so, that you will find a company that will help you with your particular needs.

Understanding Debt Consolidation:

Debt Consolidation LoansOne thing you need to understand about debt consolidation, you must be willing to pay their debts in full. In many cases, you can negotiate your debts down through a debt negotiation process. A negotiator will try to lower your debts to make it easier on you, but that does not always work. The idea behind debt consolidation is to combine all your debts into an affordable loan.

If you have $10,000 on a particular credit card with an 18% interest rate, another for $15,000 at a 15% interest rate and another for $25,000 with a 20% interest rate, you are literally paying 53% in annual interest each year! There is no way you are going to be able to pay off these debts in a timely manner and some cases, never!

Debt consolidation will combine the entire $50,000 into one loan with one interest payment. It could be as high as 25%, but that a big drop from 53%

The whole idea is to lower your debts or at least provide a much lower minimum payment. If you have three separate cards and are paying $130, $200, and $125 for each card, you are paying out $455 each month. If you could get a minimal payment of $300 but are willing to continue paying $455, you will be paying more on the principle of the loan. This is why debt consolidation works from some, but might not work for others. Understanding debt consolidation will help you make the right choice for your particular needs with the right company.

National Debt Relief Review:

National Debt Relief National Debt Relief is my number one pick for your debt consolidation options. This company was founded in 2006 and they provide loans and debt relief for individuals and small businesses. As of 2008, they have been offering their debt services throughout the entire USA. National Debt Relief is a member of TASC and in good standing. They are one of the oldest and largest debt management companies anywhere and have the highest rating by the consumer watchdog.

One of National Debt Relief features is they start off with your entire debt. They will work with your creditors to try and come up with a lower payment method, then structure a loan around the balance. This process will help relieve financial pressures from you. They do not start with portions of your debts with one creditor, negotiation or consolidation at a time. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, you will be able to speak with your credit counselor, negotiator or their knowledgeable team members.

National Debt Relief also works with the online business bureau and I suggest before signing with any consolidation company, ask if they follow this procedure as well. National Debt Relief will also save you money in the long run. Their negotiators have spent a great deal of time building up contacts for established credit card debt consolidation programs. They settle accounts all at once vs one at a time. If you owe out $250,000, they will settle the entire amount all at once instead of $10,000 here, $10,000 there. You stand a much better chance of a good negotiation this way, instead of breaking it down. As National Debt Relief is a commissioned-based debt management company, it is in their best interest to find the best savings plan for you.

You Will Always Have Support:

You will personally speak with a debt relief negotiator whenever you have any questions about your accounts and what they are working on. They will also work closely with the Commercial Debt Counseling division in order to negotiate with your creditors. You have free access to National Debt Relief testimonials from others who have sought debt relief from them.

You will also receive a session. Ask any questions you have and discover debt relief from knowledgeable, caring people. In 2018, National Debt Relief provided a 15% discount along with a free evaluation. The discount is not always available, but it something you should look for.

In Conclusion:

National Debt Relief offers top notch savings, honest, knowledgeable employees and a five-star reputation. National Debt Relief providing a quick and easy solution for your debt problems. This is my Number One Pick.

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CuraDebt Debt Consolidation Company Review:

CuraDebt CuraDebt is my second choice debt consolidation company and I highly recommend.

About CuraDebt:

They are very honest, fair and very responsive in helping you with your debt problems. Understand, that if you continue with huge credit debts and only make minimum payments, avoid late payments and do not add to your debt, it could take you 38 years to pay off your debt! Not only would that be almost impossible to get through but would be extremely difficult for anyone.

CuraDebt works with you to ensure you can find debt relief quickly from a very trustworthy company. The company will also provide with the Business Debt Counseling and Tax Debt Relief. This company has been around for the last fifteen years, providing many families with excellent solutions to their money problems. You will work closely with knowledgeable staff members that help you find the best solution to fit your needs. Whether you will need negotiations, settlements or another form of relief, they will guide you to the best solution for you.

The staff members at CuraDebt care a great deal about their clients and their specific needs for debt consolidation. They want to be sure they are providing you the perfect fit for your debt consolidation, which is why they are my Second Choice.

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Christian Debt Network Review - The Freedom Of Debt Relief

About Christian Debt Network:

Christian Debt Network Christian Debt Network is my third choice for your debt consolidation problems. They provide numerous information and facts regarding debt relief solutions online. They also offer a lot of testimonials from actual clients they have worked with to relieve their debts.

Since the founding of Christian Debt Network, they have become one of the largest debt relief companies anywhere. They have, since then, resolved over Four Billion Dollars of consumer debt which is an astonishing record. They accredited with the IAPDA (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators) and AFCC (American Fair Credit Council).

What You Can Expect:

You will receive a free consultation with knowledgeable financial counselors who truly understand all possible debt relief options. Also, if debt consolidation is not in the best interest of their client, they will contact them, offering other options including personal loans and bankruptcy. These people are credit counselors and looking out for what best for you.

Christian Debt Network will never charge you one thin dime until a debt has been resolved, which is not necessarily true with some other companies. Adding to that, you, as a client, will have full control over your accounts. This is a big difference from other companies that expect sole control over your accounts, making it very difficult for you to visibly see your programs progression.

Once you are a client with Christian Debt Network, you will have customer service support via telephone, email, chat and an online client dashboard to view the status of your account at any time.

This company have proven over and over to get the best results for their clientele. They have remained, and always will, transparent with their clients, so you always know what going on. Christian Debt Network is ranked as one of the finest debt consolidation companies throughout the country. Christian Debt Network is my Number Three Choice.

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