Debunking Misunderstandings in Debt Reduction

Debt Reduction PlanYou would be surprised at how many individuals approach me and those in the debt reduction industry with misunderstandings of what this phrase actually means. It is not surprising that misinterpretations of the phrase exist considering the thousands of subpar articles that flood the market each year. Everyone attempts to be an expert at what debt reduction is in order to market debt solution companies. It is only natural that you would want to find a website you can trust to provide you with the true meaning behind the phrase. For this reason the following will take a look at definitions for debt reduction including the solutions it encompasses.

According to Wikipedia debt relief is a total or partial forgiveness of money owed (debt). It can also be the stopping or slowing of increased debt which is owed by nations, corporations, or individuals.

Investopedia states debt relief is total or partial remission of said debts which are owed by countries, individuals, or companies.

The Cambridge dictionary states debt reduction is needed in a situation when a government or bank does not require a company, country, or person to pay back the monies owed. By definition it means debt relief offers a forgiveness of those debts by the creditor to the debtor.

However, there are many ways this can happen. You have options, which is often where misunderstandings come into play. Debt consolidation,settlement,counseling, and negotiation are different methods for debt reduction. Each one of these relief options is in some way beneficial when you have debts; however, not all will be the right solution for your situation. This website wants you to understand the differences of these debt reduction solutions, as well as to find a company that best fits your needs.

Debt Reduction Solutions

Debt Reduction ReviewsDebt consolidation uses negotiation to lower the debts owed to a more manageable sum. There are times when negotiation does not lower the debts at all though. If the debts cannot be lowered, then the debt relief is seen by combining all of your debts into one loan with one interest rate. It saves you from making multiple payments and paying out on large interest rates. You may see an interest rate of 20%, yet if you pay 15%, 30%, 25% and 18% on 4 different debts you are obviously paying more interest each month. This option tends to lower your monthly payment, although it is not a given.

Debt negotiation is also used with debt settlement. Settlement aims to lower your owed amount to one lump sum to creditors. In this way you pay a lump sum to your creditors and the rest of your debts are forgiven. You no longer owe money and this debt reduction solution ends the troubles you have faced. It is a quick solution that requires you to have savings on hand to negotiate with.

Debt ReductionLastly you have debt counseling as a solution. Debt counseling is usually used in conjunction with debt settlement and consolidation to help prevent you from entering into debt in future once you are debt free. It can help you get your finances under control in an effort to make your debt problems seem more manageable. You can combine it with another relief option if you want.

The main purpose of this website is to provide you with reviews, which I have crafted based on extensive knowledge of each company. I work with these companies, vet them, and only provide reviews that I can stand behind. While I am paid for this work, I only work with companies I can trust.

National Debt Relief Company

National Debt ReliefAmerica is facing another difficult time with the 2018 partial government shutdown. National Debt Relief is an accredit business with the BBB in New York. This company provides debt settlement, consolidation, and management. If necessary they will also help you file for bankruptcy. Staff members at this location will work with you to help you choose the correct path to your financial freedom. You will work with a manager of your account, who is backed by a team of professionals. You can choose to have negotiations for relief or consolidate your debt into one easy payment.

Whatever would work best for you and your current situation is what this company is prepared to offer. They stand by their services with a guarantee and promise within 24 to 48 months that you can be debt free if you use settlement. There are fees for their solutions, which are known to you beforehand. You never go into a solution without understanding the pay structure. As my number one choice they offer their services in almost all USA states and will allow you to read through the contract before you sign.

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CuraDebtCuraDebt offers a different resolution to your debt reduction needs. Rather than hiring a team or one staff member to help you solve your credit troubles you are hiring yourself. With this online website of information you are using DIY debt reduction tools and guides to help you speak with companies regarding your debts. If you need it expert guidance is always there through a BBB accredited company. You can also purchase packages that offer all services in one cart so that you have everything that this company can provide to you. Some of the information is free and found in the tutorials and blogs.

The CuraDebt will also provide with the Business Debt Counseling and Tax Debt Relief. This helps you pay one fee for the package of help you need. You do not pay numerous companies or two times in order to pay fees and then the settlement amount. You simply get the help you need and then ensure that there are no hidden fees by paying your own debt settlement resolution. In this way you can avoid scams and take control of your situation rather than turning control over.

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Christian Debt Network

Christian Debt NetworkChristian Debt Network is on hand to help you with your credit and financial needs as they relate to debt solutions. While you can find some help with debt settlement, this law firm is mostly to help you when you have already been a victim of improper financial help. They are also on hand to provide help with Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies.

When you elect to choose their services you are gaining help for debt settlement issues and assigned an account manager. This account manager will call or email you to follow through with any questions, concerns, or to just tell you what is currently happening with your account. They also offer programs like debt management services, consolidation, and other relief services. You will gain the help you truly need to ensure your credit woes are over.

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These three choices are offered to you in order to choose the one that suits you best. I have found their commitment to your needs very high. I trust their staff members and the solutions they endeavor to offer you for debt reduction.